What is MMasked?


How to create a deepfake video with MMasked?

This is 3 photos of you or someone else

This is a video showing someone else (subject B)

So you want the face of the person on the 3 photos to replace the face of the person in the subject B video (the video to deepfake) ?

By using the MMasked deepfake video creation engine, the face of the person contained in 3 photos you will upload will be transferred on the body of the person present in your “subject B” video.


Upload 3 photos containing the face of a person (you or someone else) you would like to use

First, you have to upload 3 photos of the person whose face you would like to be represented in your MMasked deepfake video. For an optimal result, these photos have to be a front selfie, a profile picture, and a natural expression photo.


Upload the video to deepfake

Next, you need to upload the video containing the person that you would like to be MMasked (Subject B). Only this person’s body will be in the result MMasked deepfake video as his (or her) face will be replaced by the face of the person in the 3 photos you previously uploaded in Step 1.

Once the 3 photos and video to deepfake are uploaded, you are ready to launch the Deepfake creation process for only $ 29.99.


Let us do the MMasking while you enjoy life!

After launching the MMasking process, there is no other action required from you. The creation process is automatic, does not involve any human in the creation process, and takes around 5 to 6 hours to be completed.

Enjoy your MMasked deepfake video!

Once the MMasking process is over, you will receive an email confirming that your MMasked deepfake video (an MP4 video file compatible with any video player) is ready for streaming and download in your MMasked user account!

Here is an example of a MMasked deepfake video: